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  •    Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
    •    We signed Non Disclosure Agreement with our customer and withhold the agreement.
    •    Our Product fully complying to customer requirement per customer drawing, specification and any
         deviation will be approved by customer before proceed.
    •    We deliver product according to agreed customer schedule.
    •    We provide VMI, consignment stocking program with agreement.

  •    Quality Products Guaranteed.
    •    Our Incoming and outgoing inspection use C=0 criteria to reduce the chance of non-conforming part
         going into production.
    •    We 100% test the product for their functionality and connectivity.
    •    We ensure the lowest in house and customer quality cost

  •    Compliance with Environmental Obligations
    •    We use RoHS compliance components only.
    •    We ensure process comply to RoHS.
    •    We inspect the incoming components for RoHS compliance


Hot Line

Tel: +86-769-87686700(30LINE)

Fax: +86-769-87685858

Email: sales@datafield-hk.com

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