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DF set up a new manufacturing plant in Malaysia

Date: 1 Jul 2019

Datafield started looking into manufacturing location outside of China way back in September 2018. After carefully consideration of every aspect, Datafield have decided the new manufacturing plant to be located in Johor of Malaysia.


Miles stone of DF Malaysia:

Mar 2019 – Application for Malaysia operation submitted in Malaysia.

Apr 2019 - Datafield Technology (M) Sdn Bhd was approved.

May 2019 - Located a factory in Johor, Malaysia.

Jun 2019 – Factory renovation and application for business license, manufacturing license submitted.

Jul 2019 – Installation of machine and process line.

Aug 2019 – First production stated in first week of August and mass production will begin before end of August.

Sep 2019 – Normal operation effective from first week of September 2019. Application for the ISO 9000 certification commenced.


DF(M) will be producing wire harness, Wire soldering to PCB, LED sensor wire connection. DF(M) will equipped with

-       Fully automated terminal crimping, LED sensor soldering, Heat shrink tube insertion, wire pair twisting machine.

-       Automated terminal crimping and dip tinning machine with wire pair twisting option.

-       Automated wire end dip tinning machine.

-       Semi-automated wire strip and crimp machine.

-       Semi-automated wire solder to PCB.


DF(M) capacity shall be 500,000 wire per week. DFM will add more product included cable assembly with vertical insert molding capability. Apart from high volume production, DF(M) will also capable of low volume high mix production.

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