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Wire Harness For Vertical Farming

Recently, Datafield is working with customer to develop and design a special wire harness -- a wire harness for vertical farms.
Vertical farm is one of the important directions of the new agricultural revolution.
Vertical farm is a new agricultural development mode that carries out all kinds of agricultural production in high-rise buildings, makes full use of renewable resources and greenhouse technology, and greatly improves agricultural output and land utilization rate.
Vertical farms use the principles of the food chain in natural ecosystems to rationally mix plants, animals and microorganisms to achieve maximum energy efficiency.Vertical farming is a complete self-sustaining ecosystem that includes not only crop farming but also a range of conversion processes from crop production to waste management.
There is no doubt that electricity and light are the most critical components of vertical farming, so vertical farming requires a large number of high quality precision wire harness.
The vertical farm wire harness developed by Datafield looks like this:
Specification :
Application type: internal power cord, external interconnection or internal wiring for electrical and mechanical products 
Suitable for the environment: fixed installation (-40℃ to +90℃) and mobile installation (-10℃ to +90℃) cables
Applicable rated voltage: 600V
Cable: UL2587 Jacket: PVC, Core Wire Insulation: FEP, UL, CUL certification.
Cable sizes: from 40 AWG min, solid or stranded.Each application requires.
Terminal: any size and material can be customized according to customer requirements
Molding material: PE, PP, ABS, PBT, PA66, Nylon, PVC, TPE, PU, etc
Stamping process: Automatic cable crimping terminal machine can be pressed into any type of wire terminals and cable joints
Molding process: vertical injection molding and horizontal injection molding machines and low pressure injection molding can be molded into any type of molded products.
Final quality test: 100% functional test is completed by computer tester
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