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DF Quality Requirements

Quality policy:
Customer's heartfelt satisfaction is our common pursuit of the permanent goal
The quality policy explains that:
"We have a deep understanding of the meaning of quality, that is, to meet the customer's requirements for the product. All the staff of our company must persevere in delivering the required products to our customers on time.
The production of defective products will increase the cost of product production. In line with the guiding principle of "preventing errors from happening", we should discuss in advance, establish the required quality assurance control system and perfect the arrangement of various processes, and work resolutely according to the system and the process designation, so as to effectively control the quality cost and fulfill our commitment to customers.
We insist on continuous improvement work, monthly evaluation of "quality progress, production efficiency, product consumption, customer complaints, supplier improvement", such as projects beyond the standard, mobilizing all staff to seek improvement methods, long-term evaluation of our ability, so as to "improve quality, punctual delivery, reasonable price" to ensure that customers are confident of us. "
Quality objectives:
Quality first, completing work on time first, saving cost first.
Target indicators:
Inspection of incoming materials: supplier batch failure rate﹤0.10%

Process testing:

Poor rate of QA sampling Automobile line≤0.03%
Wire harness≤0.05%
Other lines≤0.06%


Final Inspection: No more than 2 customer complaints

Customer return rate Other lines≤180PPM 
Wire harness≤48PPM 
Automobile line≤0PPM