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A Magical Gift From Flex

In the warm and bright May, there are a lot of happiness and joy.
Recently Datafield received a gift from our long-time partner--Flex.
This is a magic wand, a gift full of magic, meaning good
Here is a thank you note from Flex:
Partners are the most important wealth, go hand in hand with partners,
The friendship of win-win cooperation is also what the enterprise should cherish most.
Datafield and  Flex,have a history of 10 years of cooperation.
Especially in the fields of consumer electronics etc.
Thank you to Flex for always being a Datafield Support and affirmation.
Every time you participate, every suggestion,
Are the driving force for us to move forward.
Datafield will not forget its original aspiration and continue to work hard!
Posted 2021 / 05 / 21 News