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Datafield Ltd, a manufacturer of wind power wire harness, held an AQPQ4Wind training conference

Recently, Datafield Ltd Quality Department and Business Department held an APQP4Wind internal training meeting. This meeting is very important for Datafield Ltd.
APQP4Wind is a project initiated by the Danish wind company and related members to simplify and enhance the overall quality planning and product launch process.
About APQP4Wind:
The APQP4Wind approach is a recognized quality assurance reference framework for the wind power industry, which enhances collaboration between manufacturing companies and suppliers and ensures consistent communication among stakeholders in the quality assurance process.
The main benefits of using the approach described in the APQP4Wind manual for the wind industry are:
It is a preventive approach to the quality process
It shifts from quality control to quality assurance
It can mature a globalized supplier base
It supports standardization, streamlining processes, shortening market response time and improving efficiency
It can be calibrated end-to-end in usage and vocabulary expression
It supports profitable growth and reduces risk
Wind power wire harness is the core representative product of Datafield Ltd. As a long-term cooperative supplier of GE Wind Energy and Jabil Jabil, the learning and application of APQP4Wind quality plan and framework is an important way to improve product quality, customer satisfaction and production efficiency.
The APQP4Wind framework consists of seven phases with 50 elements covering the APQP process, from the first action of the quality plan through to PPAP submission and approval.
Phase I quality plan definition and scope determination
Phase II product design and development
The third stage meets product requirements
The fourth stage process design and development
The fifth stage meets the process requirements
Phase 6 product and process validation
Stage 7 product and process approval
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Posted 2021 / 07 / 09 News