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The Automotive wire harness is the neural network system of vehicles

What is the inconspicuous but important and influential part of a car?
DATAFIELD believes the automotive wire harnesses and connectors are the first to bear the brunt.
All the commands the driver sends to the car are transmitted through them.
Modern vehicle are filled with electronic devices that form a vast distributed system in which every signal generated by the car's computer is transmitted through a wire harness that is as important as a human nervous system.
Can you imagine that the total length of wire harness for family cars is about 3 kilometers now?
 Automotive wire harness is also known as low voltage wire harness, it is different from ordinary wires, it is flexible and multi-core, and has a multi-layer structure.
In particular, the shielding structure of a automotive wire harness - when a current passes through a wire, it generates a magnetic field around it. The shielding layer can shield the electromagnetic field in the wire harness, doesn't affect other components, and at the same time reduce electromagnetic radiation, but also can shield the influence of external, to prevent the interference of external magnetic field.
The Automotion business segment of DATAFEILD specializes in automotive connectors, wire harnesses and related products, such as: anti-collision cable assemblies, electronic anti-lock braking wire harnesses, electric power steering wire harnesses, automotive reverse parking sensor cable assemblies. 
DATAFIELD has strong engineering support on the DFM on product design, process re-engineering, automated assembly solution and cost reduction on cable assemby and wire harness. 
Automation technology greatly reduces the number of manual steps and optimizes production efficiency, yield, consistency and overall cost
Main customers include: Volkswagen Group, SAIC, BAIC, Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers, as well as some first-tier auto parts suppliers such as Valeo.
Datafield has advanced and complete product testing equipments and very strict quality controling. 
Automobile wiring harness testing projects include appearance testing, beam wire size measurement, connection between terminals and wires, contact testing, waterproof performance of rubber parts, electrical performance, temperature resistance, humidity resistance, vibration resistance, salt spray resistance, chemical resistance and so on.
For more information about  automotive wire harness, please contact us or visit DATAFIELD's website.
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