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Wire Harness For Automotive Hydrogen Fuel Cell System--- Welcome Himalaya Hydrogen Energy Technology Company Visiting Datafield!

Yesterday, a delegation from Guangdong Himalaya Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., visited Datafield Electric Wire Co., Ltd., and Datafield company's engineers and sales staff accompanied them on the meeting exchange and factory visit.

1.  This meeting was of great significance to Datafield 

This meeting was of great significance to Datafield - energy storage is the core business area of Datafield , and Datafield has a lot of experience in working with customers on wire harness technology solutions in wind, photovoltaic and solar energy. But with hydrogen energy this is the first contact, and this is going to be an opportunity and also a challenge.


2. About hydrogen energy:
Hydrogen energy is a kind of clean and efficient secondary energy. Under the trend of "carbon neutral" and wind energy and solar energy, hydrogen production by electrolysis from renewable energy is expected to become the most important way of hydrogen production, and the market prospect is broad.
More than 20 large central enterprises, such as petrochina, Sinopec and National Energy Group, have developed the hydrogen industry across the border.
What are the advantages of hydrogen energy :
① Non-toxic and pollution-free: hydrogen and oxygen react to produce water;
②Less consumption: long-distance high-voltage transmission can be cancelled, replaced by near and far pipeline hydrogen transport, safety is relatively improved, energy invalid loss is reduced;
③ Various forms: in gaseous, liquid or solid metal hydride, can adapt to the different requirements of storage and transportation and various application environments;
④ High utilization rate: hydrogen eliminates the internal combustion engine noise source and energy pollution potential, high utilization rate;
⑤ Convenient transportation: hydrogen can reduce the weight of fuel, can increase the payload of the vehicle, which can reduce the transportation cost from the whole benefit of the total social benefit is better than other energy;
⑥ Reduce the greenhouse effect: Hydrogen replaces fossil fuels to minimize the greenhouse effect.
3. About Himalaya:
The main industrial projects of Guangdong Himalaya Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. are the integration business of a full range of hydrogen fuel cell systems. Meanwhile, they continue to optimize the diversified products and system solutions of hydrogen fuel cell systems in passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles, military, communications, unmanned aerial vehicles, backup power supply, distributed energy and other fields.
4. About the Wire harness project between Himalaya and Datafield
All electronic and electrical connections are inseparable from wiring harness as a medium for data transmission and power supply. Of course, wiring harness also relies on technological innovation and integrated development with other industries.
The project discussed by Himalaya and Datafield is the wire harness soluttion for automotive hydrogen fuel cell systems, which has higher requirements for transmission capacity, mechanical strength, insulation protection and electromagnetic compatibility.
Thanks to Guangdong Himalaya Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD for visiting. We will follow the progress of this project.
For more information about wire harness technology, please follow DATAFIELD.
Posted 2021 / 08 / 26 News