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Types Of Automobile Wire Harness

The engine is the heart of the car, and the wiring harness is its neurovascular system.
1. According to the type of voltage, automobile wiring harness mainly includes:
Battery wire, high voltage wire (for new energy vehicles, voltage grade DC > 60V < 600V), coaxial cable, low voltage wire (voltage grade DC<60 v or AC<25 v), etc.
2. According to the vehicle structure, automobile wiring harness mainly has the following types:
a. Engine wiring harness, which connects various sensors and actuators on the engine, surrounds the engine.
b. The instrument panel wiring harness is connected with the body or chassis wiring harness, and all kinds of electrical components on the instrument panel, such as combined instruments, air conditioner switches, receivers, cigarette lighters, etc., are connected along the pipe beam.
c. The body wiring harness, generally from the left side of the cab to walk on the floor, connected with the tank sensor and rear taillight.
d. The car door wiring harness, connect all electrical parts on the door panel, such as central lock, glass lifter, speaker, etc.
e. The front wire harness, from the cab, along the wing and front bumper skeleton connected to the front electrical parts such as side turn signal and front combination light, horn, electronic fan, etc.
3. According to the cooperative customer cases of datafield, there are the following types of automobile wiring harness:
✔ EV charging cable
✔ Wire Harness for Hydrogen Energy Vehicle Engine
✔ Automotive Parking Air Conditioner Wire Harness
✔ Cable harness for Sky Lift of Fire Truck
✔ Cable harness for Electric Vehicle Battery System 
✔ Cable assembly for car racing monitor display
✔ Cable Assembly for Car Reserse Parking Sensor
✔ Anti-Collision Cable Assembly
✔ Cable Assembly for the Automotive Motor
✔ Automotive Brake Clutch Wire Harness
✔ Automotive steering system wire harness
✔ Wire harness for emergency warning system
Here is an electric car charging harness made by datafield for its customers:
Product Description:
AC charging cable with Vehicle Connector and open cable end for charging electric vehicles (EV) with alternating current (AC) via type 2 Vehicle Inlets, for installation at charging stations for E-Mobility (EVSE)
Consistent design of all Phoenix Contact Vehicle Connectors and Infrastructure Plugs
Silver-plated surface of the power and signal contacts
Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001
Material data available in the IMDS (International Material Data System of  he automotive industry)
Convenient handling, thanks to the ergonomic handle and additional, rubber grip components
Tested in accordance with selected tests of automotive standards LV124, LV214, LV215-2
Tested in accordance with EV Ready 37 requirements
Laser-marked pin connector pattern in accordance with DIN EN 17186
Consistent longitudinal water tightness prevents water ingress in the cable
For more information about  automotive wire harness, please contact us or visit datafield's website:
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