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About Datafield 2021 Fire Drill and The Cable Harness for Sky Lift Fire Engine

Recently, Datafield held a fire drill. 
The main features of this fire drill are: realistic and serious, tense and orderly, and very active interaction.
At 9:00am, the quality department of Datafield started to prepare the site for the fire drill with great efforts.
At 10:00am, the fire alarm sounded in the factory and the fire safety evacuation drill was officially launched. 
All the employees of Datafield dashed to the square in front of the factory along the designated evacuation route in an orderly manner.
At the same time, the fire truck sounded the siren and drove into the industrial park, and the firefighters arrived at the scene.
The firefighters used the high jet fire truck, ladder fire truck and all kinds of firefighting equipment to put out the simulated fire and organize the rescue of the trapped people, the whole drill process was tense and orderly.
Here, all the Datafield pay tribute to the retrograde angels who protect people's lives and properties - the lovely fire fighters!
It is a great honor that Datafield manufactures the cable harness for sky lift fire engine.
Wire harness play an increasingly important role in modern industry.
This is Datafield---We focus on continuous improvement of wire harness manufacturing automation technology, and providing customers with excellent wire harness products and services.
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Posted 2021 / 11 / 24 News