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Energy Storage Wire Harnesses is Datafield Core Market Segment

The Energy storage wire harnesses play the role of signal and data transmission and power supply in the whole energy storage industry chain. Energy storage systems need stable and reliable signal connections, so there are very strict requirements for energy storage harnesses in terms of high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, electromagnetic shielding, flame retardant and other functionalities.

Datafield provides energy storage wire harness cables for Power Conversion System(PCS), EMS energy management systems, and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) .

The energy storage wire harness is mainly divided into high-voltage part and low-voltage part.
The low-voltage harness of energy storage mainly includes:
Battery box internal wiring harness (including voltage collection line, temperature sensing collection line, module Jane communication line, communication line inside the box, matching electric group wire), Main control cabinet power wire, Busbar wire harness, External communication harness (including the main control box external connection line, box communication bus)
Charging cabinet harness (including fan power, starter power, GPRS harness, temperature control harness, DC/DC power harness), Charging pile harness (including emergency stop switch, lighting circuit)
Energy storage high-voltage harness:
Energy storage cabinet internal wiring harness, Main control cabinet power wire, Busbar power wire, DC charging pile, DC charging cable, AC Charging pile, AC charging cable
Datafield has automatic intelligent servo terminal crimping equipment, can precisely crimping out of various terminals
The products are widely used in heavy duty industry, such as energy storage and hydrogen fuel cell wiring harness.
Our automatic terminal crimping machine can crimp 30~80mm² of terminals.
For more information about  wire harness and cable assembies, please contact us or visit datafield's website. 
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