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Learn about Ai Robot Wiring Harness through 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, there are many Ai robots making a wonderful appearance,
and the world is witnessing scenes from science fiction movies become reality.



The wiring harness is the nervous system of the robot.

The Ai robot uses the wiring harness to conduct current and transmit signals to complete the action behavior commands.

Ai robot wiring harnesses are generally a combination of multiple plugs and wire harnesses, along with different electronic components.

The rotating part of the Ai robot harness is extremely curved, so the harness is required to be super resistant to bending, which has high requirements on the fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, insulation level, conductivity, shielding performance, and weight of the harness.

The Ai robot wire harness production process of Datafield :

fully automatic crimping terminal and assembly production, full terminal crimping pressure monitoring.

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