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What are the benefits of wiring harnesses

In modern industry, everything is interconnected and wiring harnesses are needed everywhere

So, what are the benefits of wire harnesses?
Datafield summarizes the following three points as following:
1. Wire harnesses simplify installation
For example, the automobile requires miles of wiring
and the wiring harness integrates the required wires and cables into a single device.
So, installing the wiring becomes a simple matter of plugging in the harness,which greatly reduces the installation time for extensive wiring or cable network projects.
2. Space optimization:
Connectors, clips, lacing, and other organizational strategies drastically reduce the amount of space.
It also prevents tripping and damage to wires and cables, providing a safer working environment.
3.Wiring harnesses can effectively reduce the risk of electrical fires
When wires and cables are bound within a single harness, the individual components are more secure against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions and moisture. 
The risk of an electrical short is reduced because the wires have been constructed into a non-flexing bundle. 
The risk of electrical fire is also reduced when the wires are bound within a flame-retardant sleeve.
Wire harness play an increasingly important role in modern industry.
We are specialized in wire harness and cable assembly field since 1993 and beyond.
We specialize in making custom products for sophisticated equipment,from automotive, medical devices and renewable to communications and industrial machinery. We can produce according to your specifications, and early involvement in your design stage. To learn more, email
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