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What are the key elements of a custom wiring harness

What does Datafield Company focus on when it comes to customizing harnesses for customers?

What does Datafield Company focus on when it comes to customizing harnesses for customers?
1. Whether the wiring harness will be exposed to continuous flexion
2. If the wire harness will be used indoors or outdoors, and under what specific conditions
3. Potential exposures, including chemicals, corrosive fluids, weather conditions, and moisture from other sources
4. Maximum, minimum, and average operating temperatures, as well as potential fluctuations value
5. What is the voltage level that the wiring harness needs to withstand?
6. Routing, breakouts, general shape of form
7. How many circuits and conductors are required for the assembly, as well as their characteristics
8. Local safety and environmental regulations that might impact component selection, installation, and inspection
For example, the following wind energy harness from Datafield Company has been improved by improving the material formulation of the cable jacket
so that it can meet the extreme cold environment of -40°C in alpine wind farms

At Datafield,  every facility we operate meets ISO 9001 standards, in addition to meeting all the UL/CSA safety requirements.
Furthermore, every product that we manufacture is completely electrically tested and visually inspected by personnel who are trained and certified in the most current IPC standard (IPC-A-620 Class I, II & III). To ensure the highest efficiency without sacrificing quality control;
we are continually re-evaluating our processes to make sure you get the product you need delivered on time.
If you are looking for a custom cable assembly do not hesitate to contact us; one of our experienced representatives will be glad to discuss the details of your project.

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