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DF Production Equipment

Our production equipments are high-end end wiring harness equipments on the market. Kummertz, Switzerland, and Haichang, Hebi, China are all our equipment suppliers. Our company has a special research and development team of non-standard wiring harness equipments to develop various non-standard equipments for different wiring harnesses. Our main equipment is as follows:
Extruder: 10 sets
Vertical Forming Machine: 20 sets
Horizontal Forming Machine: 5 sets
Automatic Terminal Machine: 30 sets
Wire harness non-standard automation equipment: 15 sets
Semi-automatic terminals: 40 sets
Special Automation Equipment for Automobile Wire Harness: 1 Batch
Wind power harness automation equipment: 1 batch
Wire automatic harness equipment for sweeping robot: 1 batch
Toy harness automation equipment: 1 batch